About us

A little intro

Are you new to drones or are you interested in flying FPV drones? Whether you like to destroy records on a racetrack or rip a hole in the sky, Drone Racing Flanders is all about bringing the Belgian FPV community together. DRF is a non-profit organization founded by pilot Michael G. aka G-force Mike and is intended for anyone who wants to get involved into the sport. We, as a team, are happy to help you out with questions or problems you might encounter flying your FPV drone. 

Improve your skills!

Come train with us! Together with the team we plan race trainings on a regular basis, we set up racetracks where you can improve your drone racing skills and we help you with tips and tricks on how to hone your skills.

Whether you are an experienced pilot, a beginner, or just an enthusiast, you can join our sessions to have a fun flying day! 

Check our events pages for upcoming training sessions. 

Ready for the next level?

Compete against other pilots in our organized competitions, try to claim the first place and become the champion! 

Check our events page for upcoming races.


Do you want to invest in modern technology, and would you like us to give a demonstration during your event so spectators can observe the speed and capabilities of our drones?  Leave your questions via our contact page.

A great example of this is our Belgian Navy race, where year after year we organize a demonstration contest during The Belgian Navy Technology Weekend #Technofest

Contact us for more information.


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