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A little word about us

A little intro

Are you new to drones, or are you interested in flying drones? Whether you
like to destroy records on a racetrack or rip a hole in the sky, Drone Racing
Flanders is all about bringing the community together. DRF is a non-profit
organization founded by friends for everyone who wants to get involved to the
sport. We, as a team, are happy to help you out with questions or problems
you might encounter flying your multirotor.

A helping hand

Want to buy and fly? Save yourself some cash and take some
time considering the options you have as there are a few
ways to get into the air. Don’t worry, we got you covered!
We have a flowchart that can help you choose your first
drone. Too much information? Want other people’s opinion
or help? Meet us at a meeting, or find us on social media.

Improve your skills

Come train with us! We set up tracks to help you hone your skills. Check our
events page for upcoming meets. Not sure you can squeeze your copter
trough an airgate? Then skip it! We don’t want you to wreck your gear, so take
it easy if you like. After all, we all started circling over the track.
So, you managed to pass some gates and your quad is still
airborne? Let’s see how good you are behind the sticks when
other pilots want to claim that first place. Join us at events
and compete against other people.

Building your first drone

Curious how to get that sub 300gr build? Need some building tips to tidy your
machine up? Or do you just want to have a beer and talk quads? We plan
meetups dedicated to help people with issues they have with their fleet.