What is FAI, F9U and VML?


FAI: Is the World Air Sports Federation

Find the FAI Drone Sporting Code 2023 here


F9U: is the FAI category drone racing

Drone Racing consists of several FPV racing drones flying together through a closed race track.

A racing drone is a radio-controlled model aircraft with four motor-driven propellers.

Each drone is controlled by a First Person View (FPV) pilot who is considered a participant. 

The FPV pilot is equipped with a headset that allows him or her to control the video image from the onboard camera.

The camera can transmit the video image in real time to the headset glasses.

Find the F9U Belgium website here


VML: Is the association for model aviation sport. The purpose of the association is to promote, coordinate and lead the sport of model aviation in the Dutch-speaking part of the country and the Brussels Capital Region, as far as Dutch-speaking clubs are concerned, and to train and guide juniors.

The organization is responsible for the promotion and implementation of model aviation in the Flemish part of the country. It supports all model flying clubs affiliated with the organization.

Because Drone Racing Flanders is an official VML club, you can obtain your FAI sport license required for participation in F9U through us.

Check out our membership page for your VML registration.

Find all information about VML here


BML: is the umbrella League that supports both the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking clubs of Belgium in coordinating and supervising model aviation competitions.


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