Team DRF

How to become a Team DRF pilot?

There are some conditions how you can become an official Team DRF pilot. 

Regardless of your level, everyone can join the team!

  • Be an official member. Become an DRF-pilot by joining our club through VML.

  • Be a DRF ambassador. Spread the word and help other pilots get to know DRF. Use the DRF-logo in your videos and social media posts.

  • Be a team player. As a team, we try to train together as much as possible. If you place a practice track, let your teammates know where training can be done.

  • Be a helping hand. Organizing competitions requires some work and preparation. Try to help as much as possible where needed. Also try to help other pilots with FPV related questions.

  • Be loyal to the team. Everything discussed in the team stays in the team, such as the strategy of our club, our projects, the roadmap of our competitions, future plans ....


As founder of Drone Racing Flanders, Mike shares his passion for drone racing with everyone around him.

G-Force Mike has been appointed F9U coordinator for Belgium.

DRF pilot since 2016


Rabbit has been a founding member of DRF since the very beginning and provides the well-organized timing during our events. A cool pint of beer during a sunny training day is all he needs.

DRF pilot since 2016


Rolling's positive vibes and commitment to DRF creates a great atmosphere in the team. His motivation and dedication have made him one of our fastest pilots.

DRF pilot since 2021


As one of DRF's core members, INSIDER is always ready to help during our events and provides us with the best photos.

INSIDER has been appointed Flemish Sports Director of the F9U, he will see to it that everything runs correctly during the competitions.

DRF pilot since 2017


Driven by his passion for technology is Daiquiri one of the key members of our timing team and feels completely at home at DRF.

DRF pilot since 2022


As the former Belgian champion of 2019, CarbonV already has a very nice drone racing career. He traveled around the world to participate in competitions such as DCL and WDC. He started at a very young age, making him one of our most experienced pilots and competes at the highest level.

DRF pilot since 2016


Stix is one of the OGs and never forgets his good vibes when he joins the team.
He is also very handy and when organizing an event, Stix is always ready to build the tracks and make sure everything is placed perfectly. He really is someone you can count on and a huge support to the team.

DRF pilot since 2018


Seno never misses a DRF training and is very motivated to come fly every sunday.
He's always there to help with the track build.

DRF pilot since 2021


As an aerial engineer, he is one of the smart guys on the team and does not shy away from any challenge. For any technical problem, he finds a solution. Not only is he a great FPV drone pilot, he is also very skilled in fixed wing flying. In addition, he and his father fly across the country with their own aircraft.

DRF pilot since 2016


CatEye started flying as a freestyle pilot but was immediately sold when he first encountered drone racing during a DRF training session. It didn't take long before he was training hard and making very nice progress in a short period of time. Together with his buddy Camo, they are a great addition to Team DRF.


When Camo first came to a DRF training session, he was immediately fascinated by the speed of our racing drones. He pushed his digital whoop aside, bought a real race drone and started training hard with his buddy Cateye. By now, he can handle it well and is ready to compete. We are happy to have this cool guy on the team.


No adrenaline rush is too much for Crowbar. On the track, he is a real beast and flies everyone out of the sky whenever you get in his way.

DRF pilot since 2020


Timuel is a chill guy who is passionate about all kinds of RC. He practices FPV racing, freestyle and cinewhooping without any problem. In addition, you can also find him on an off-road track where he is racing his RC buggy's.

DRF pilot since 2019


IDV is the youngest of the team and is very interested in technology.
He mainly flies freestyle and cinematic shots
He is also our discord specialist.

DRF pilot since 2022


As a hardcore gamer, Viper was immediately sold when he was first introduced to FPV drones. He mostly does freestyle but now wants to make the move to FPV racing. You can also see him racing around the streets with his RC cars.


Jork feels at home at DRF, toghether with his buddy CarbonV he's been in the team for a while.
He brings chill vibes to events and trainings and is always there for a good chat.

DRF pilot since 2016


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